3 Tricks for Escaping the Halloween Candy Trap

And 23 Halloween Treat Alternatives

Are you freaking out because Halloween marks the beginning of the weight gain season?

Are you haunted by memories of buying candy for the kids and then eating it well before October 31st

Then returning to the store to replace it…

Only to have the exact same thing happen all over again?

Maybe it’s already happened this year.  Let me reassure you, you aren’t the only one to tell this story.

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The 5 Antidotes to Weight-Related Shame

Developed in collaboration with Cynthia Benge, psychotherapist and shame resiliency trainer.

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Have you ever held back or said no to an opportunity, experience, or even a simple joy of life because of your weight?

If so, I’d like to give you the five antidotes to weight-related shame, so you can get your life back on track!


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If you’ve struggled with weight, you’ve probably felt that tangled mix of emotions that can often come with it—embarassment, fear, inadequacy, failure, shame.

It comes from the people around us. It comes from the media, our doctors, our culture, and sometimes even from within…

It should be easy, right? Eat less, exercise more. We wonder what is wrong with us and think, “Why can’t I be like them?”

Let me reassure you:  It’s not your fault.

It’s time to stop letting yourself or anyone else shame you or define who you are based on your weight. There are 5 key antidotes to weight-related shame and I’m going to share each one with you.

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Resisting the Doughnut While Flying

Healthy traveling for weight loss when flyingWe live in a day and age when plane travel makes it possible to travel great distances in a relatively short period of time.   In the U.S. and Canada we can jet from coast-to-coast in as little as five hours.

As wonderful as this is, even a short two-hour flight can leave you without something to eat for several hours unless you plan ahead.  If you consider possible travel delays, it could be even longer.

Given how important it is to keep our energy up and our hunger down when traveling, a little research and planning can make the difference between feeling great or feeling lousy.

“Sounds good,” you say.  “I’m committed to feeling great, but I have no idea where to start.”

Follow me…..I’ll take you there, step-by-step.Discover More

How to Eat Healthy Even at the Airport – Plus Sea-Tac Guide!

For many of us, spending time in airports is a regular part of our travel life.  Given their prominence in our travel itineraries, it is important to know how to navigate the various offerings and temptations.

The last thing you want to do is fall prey to the cases of pastries and fast foods that line the gates of every airport.  Traveling is exhausting enough without adding the unnecessary energy crashes that these foods leave you with.

Whether it is 6:00 am or 10:00 pm, it is wise to arrive at any airport armed with knowledge, time, and a well-thought out plan. This guide will show you what to look for and what to look out for. And be sure to check out the Sea-Tac International Airport Quick Guide in this article for eating healthy when you travel through Seattle!

And be sure to check out the companion article – Resisting the Doughnut While Flying

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Eating Healthy with Airport Cuisine

Airports are not known for their healthy cuisine.  Most are packed with fast food restaurants and coffee stands with their cases of pastries.

Fortunately, things are gradually changing and healthy options are popping up at airports across the country.   No place is perfect, but there are many that have enough options to meet your needs.

A little insider’s knowledge can help you locate these places and make good choices when you are there.Discover More

Travel Healthy – Create a Feel Great Travel Snack Kit

healthy-travel-snack-kit-coverIt’s 10:30 am on a gorgeous sunny day and you are finally on the plane.

You’ve navigated all the typical stresses—packing, travel to the airport, parking, checking your bags, the endless list of do’s & don’ts at security, finding your gate, boarding—and you are on your way.

As you fly over the crater of Mt. Rainer, you marvel at its majesty. Looking south you see the snowy peaks of the other giants in the chain. For the life of you, you can’t remember which one is Mt. Adams, or Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Hood, but decide not to take on the task.

Instead, you settle back in your seat and eagerly open the novel you’ve saved for this very moment.

All is well.

Within a few minutes you realize that all is not well. You are sleepy and can’t concentrate on your novel. “Maybe it’s the altitude,” you think.

Then your tummy rumbles. Suddenly it becomes very clear: In all the hustle, bustle you forgot to eat breakfast.

You are ravenous with hunger and don’t have anything with you except the coffee you grabbed at the gate. It’s only a two-hour flight, so there won’t be any food service on the plane.

Visions of pastries dance in your head. Knowing how difficult it will be to resist the sugary carbs on the route to baggage claim, you panic.

Getting Un-Panicked

Fortunately the story doesn’t end with you downing every doughnut in sight. Not with your knack for learning from your experiences.

You decide that it’s worth it to invest a little time and effort to make eating on the road healthy, easy, and convenient. Before the plane has landed, you’ve figured it all out.

You need a Feel Great Travel Snack Kit and a step-by-step strategy for using it.Discover More

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