Integrative weight loss and management.

I'm going to let you in on two surprising secrets of weight loss.

Don't go hungry. And it's not your fault.
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I'm going to let you in on two surprising secrets of weight loss.
Don't go hungry. And it's not your fault.

As a medical weight management specialist, I have seen hundreds of patients struggle with being told it is simple and their fault.

It's not your fault. The reality of weight loss is complex. We know that obesity is a collision of brain chemistry, survival instincts, genetics, environmental factors, and more.

In my care you will benefit from a wealth of medical research and experience. You will also be guided along the journey step by step, facing the struggles and the successes together.

These are stories that happen day after day in my office:

Dealing with Shame and Powerlessness

She steps on the scale with shame on one shoulder and blame on the other. I suggested we look a little close at the details of the week. What a stressful week it had been - long work hours, lack of sleep, and her car breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic!

I explained it wasn't about weakness or lack of motivation. She had gone hours at a time without eating, and it was about simply getting too hungry.

We worked out a manageable plan and relief spread across her face. As she walked out, I realized I had witnessed a small but important victory.


Unraveling the Hidden Causes

The metabolic issues had been apparent for years. They were contributing to a slow steady weight gain.

"Why didn't one of my doctors tell me this before?" she questioned with an edge of anger to her voice, "I thought I wasn't trying hard enough."

Like so many others, she had always been told that the concepts of weight loss are simple. It restored her hope to know it wasn't just her.

As we've worked together, the pattern of weight gain has stopped. Eating and excercise strategies personalized for her are addressing the underlying metabolic issues. She is now gradually losing weight.

Week by week, her confidence grows.

In Their Own Words

"I always thought that bad eating + no exercise = being fat, and that it was the sign of a character flaw. I've learned that the equation is far more complex. Realizing that there were so many other factors that led to my obesity has given me the tools to lose weight. It certainly isn't easy, but it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be."
-J.B. of Seattle

"If you are serious about losing weight and you want to get your life back, I invite you to try this program. I owe Sandra, her guidance and her program a great deal of gratitude. I could not have done this without her commitment to help people like me learn to love myself enough to want to make a difference not only in my health, but in my life!"
-R.S. of Seattle

There is Hope

The truth is many medical professionals aren't aware of just how complicated the factors that affect weight can be. I've simply had the specialized training and experience to see it. And I have been lucky to be able to learn from my patients every day.

Let me help you achieve your weight goals, whatever challenges you may face.

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