As the new year dawns, our minds dance with possibilities. With record speed, many of us identify our goals and jump in feet first, determined that this will be the year that we get it right. 

But if we truly want to be successful, we need to take the time to reflect more deeply on where we’ve been before we chart our next steps. This is particularly important when our goals are related to weight and health. 

As we look back, we may become overly focused on our missteps or the path not taken and wind up berating ourselves. This leaves us in a stressed state and impairs our ability to think clearly, which is no way to improve our health! 

Let me suggest a better way…

When reflecting on the past year, focus on all the steps that led you to a better place. Honor your growth, recognize your many efforts, congratulate yourself on every improvement. 

When you identify the times that you lost focus or stepped off the path, view yourself through the lens of self-compassion. It’s not easy to create and maintain the habits and practices that lead to better health. 

This approach will keep your brain in a calm state—one in which you can do your clearest and best thinking. When you build on the platform of your previous wins, you will move forward faster than you will if you tear yourself down with regret and self-hatred, thinking that you must begin at ground level.

Your Next Step

If you are ready to step into a healthier and more vibrant 2023, I’m here for you. As an obesity medicine specialist, I can help you recognize and honor where you’ve been and provide you with the expertise and support you need to take your next step. 

Looking Back on 2022

I’ve spent some time looking back at my personal and professional highlights, as well as the challenges of 2022. This time of reflection has given me the perspective I need to chart a course that will improve the health of my patients and all those who live with obesity.

Obesity Medicine Association Clinician of the Year

One of my biggest professional highlights was being named the Obesity Medicine Association 2022 Clinician of the Year at the fall OMA conference in Anaheim. 

It was a great honor to receive this award, which recognizes the contributions I have made to the field of obesity medicine over the past several years. Receiving this award has strengthened my commitment to staying current with the latest science so that I can provide my patients with the finest care. 

It has also renewed my dedication to raising awareness that obesity is a treatable disease and educating healthcare professionals about evidence-based treatment. I want my patients and all those with obesity to have primary and specialty care clinicians who understand obesity and provide non-biased medical treatment.

Washington Obesity Society

Another milestone was the formation of the Washington Obesity Society, which took flight in 2022. 

As a founding member and Trustee, I am delighted that we have a local professional society whose three-fold mission is to: 

1) Provide obesity education

2) Advocate for access to evidence-based treatment

3) Reduce weight bias

We held three events in 2022 which provided obesity education and networking opportunities for the healthcare providers who attended. We are expanding our events in 2023 with the goal of growing the number of healthcare professionals in the state who can provide evidence-based obesity treatment.

Obesity Pillars Journal

In January 2022, the Obesity Medicine Association launched its peer-reviewed medical journal—Obesity Pillars. The launch was a giant leap forward for obesity medicine. 

I am honored to serve as an Associate Editor and article reviewer and have authored five Clinical Practice Statements on various topics related to evidence-based obesity treatment. Because the journal is open access, healthcare providers (and others) can read the articles free of charge.

Grand Adventures

A 2022 personal highlight was taking my three grandkids to visit the Grand Canyon to celebrate a grand event. It was a joy for me and my husband to plan and share this grand experience with them. As we gazed at this expansive natural wonder from various vantage points, we were filled with awe. 

Our hike down to Ooh Aah Point and back provided a further thrill. The magnificence of the experience lives on inside me, inspiring me to grow and serve. 

What’s New in 2023?

Body Composition Analysis

I am now offering body composition analysis. Using a state-of-the-art body composition scale, I can measure the percentage of lean muscle mass and fat mass of my patients, which allows me to provide them with a better assessment of their health and monitor the improvements that occur from weight reduction, nutritional changes, and physical activity. 

I’m excited to witness how this service improves my patients’ engagement and motivation, and ultimately their health.   

More New Patient Appointments 

One of the big challenges of 2022 was that I didn’t have room on my schedule to see new patients when they first contacted me. This meant that they needed to wait several months to begin treatment, which was frustrating for them and for me. 

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve added more appointment slots so that new patients can be seen sooner. If you have been thinking about addressing your weight and health, now is a good time to contact me.  

Stepping into 2023

As you step into 2023, do so with self-respect and the confidence that you can chart the course that is best for you. And as you do, know that I am committed to helping you take the steps that will lead you to better health!