The Weight Loss Science of Hope

The Weight Loss Science of Hope

When people lose weight and improve their health, a whole host of wonderful things happen. Life improves. Hope grows. Research shows that losing just 5-10% of initial body weight can greatly improve metabolic, physical, and mental health.  For someone who weighs 200...
Make Courageous Change One Step at a Time

Make Courageous Change One Step at a Time

What thrills me most about my work is seeing people transform their lives in remarkable ways.

Not sudden, giant swoops that might land them on the cover of a magazine, but in steady, powerful steps that take them further into health.

They wrestle with discouragement and internal voices urging them to quit…

But they don’t.

It was the wakeup call of impending diabetes that changed things for Bernadette. But as a busy working mom, she had no time and no energy to jump into big changes. In fact, just five minutes was too much for her to swallow at first.

Despite fear of failure, discouragement, and her very chaotic life, she took small steps that led to:

Preventing diabetes
Living a fuller, healthier life with her kids
Finding the courage to overcome the fears that have held her back in the past