And 23 Halloween Treat Alternatives

Are you freaking out because Halloween marks the beginning of the weight gain season? Are you haunted by memories of buying candy for the kids and then eating it well before October 31st… Then returning to the store to replace it… Only to have the exact same thing happen all over again? Maybe it’s already happened this year.  Let me reassure you, you aren’t the only one to tell this story.

Halloween is the scariest of the holiday candy seasons.

Retail stores are stocked to the ceiling with an endless array of sugary treats that are packaged with clever slogans and gimmicks. And if that wasn’t enough, well-meaning family, friends, and co-workers place overflowing bowls of candy and desserts in your path, making it difficult to resist. Before you know it, those fond childhood memories are rekindled…and you go crazy.

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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary.

It doesn’t have to signal disaster for the rest of the year. There is a better way. I’m going to let you in on 3 tricks that will save you from disasterand help you feel good about yourself on November 1st. Ready? Let’s dive in…   FB-1-halloween-dieting-tips-2-01

1. Don’t buy any candy.

At all. None. Seriously. If you’ve already purchased some, throw it out. Right now. I imagine this advice may sound unsophisticated or anti-American or even ludicrous, but I promise you that it is the most effective strategy of all. If you think you can buy it and not eat it, you are fooling yourself. Sugar is addictive. One taste can seduce you into eating the whole bag. Once your brain gets hooked, it’s hard to stop. And don’t fall for the 50% off after-Halloween sale. It won’t be any easier to resist then.


2. Don’t be fooled by the “fun-size.”

This is a clever trick used by candy manufacturers to lure you into eating something that will keep you wanting—and buying—more. There is nothing “fun” about diabetes, heart disease, or poor health. Sounds almost too obvious, but those cute little packages cause us to let our guard down! Enough said.

3. Don’t give candy to children.

Kids don’t need candy any more than you do. Stock up on non-food treats that you can pass out. There is an exciting new food allergy awareness campaign called The Teal Pumpkin Project. Participants display a teal pumpkin on their window or doorstep, signaling to trick-or-treaters that they offer non-food treats. Print With over 100,000 participating households since it began in 2014, the movement is gaining momentum. Take it a step further by handing out non-food treats to all the kids. With a little creativity, you could be the one who gives the best treats in the neighborhood! Kids don’t need you to trick them into becoming life-long candy junkies.

Reality Check

You won’t get away with eating Halloween candy—or any other candy—without it affecting your health. And neither will the kids. With over two-thirds of the U.S. adults with overweight or obesity, we have a significant public health problem. And it’s not just an adult problem, childhood obesity rates are increasing at a rapid pace.

Far too many children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (formerly known as adult-onset) at younger and younger ages. They are also developing high blood pressure, fatty liver, and heart disease—conditions that were practically unheard of in children thirty years ago.

Visualize a Better Path

Picture yourself going down a different aisle for your Halloween goodies, steering clear of the candy. Visualize yourself putting fun pencils, stickers, or mini play dough cans in your basket. Feel the excitement of contemplating the infinite options you have to delight the kiddoes without sugar. Strengthen your determination to skip the candy section and avoid the temptation. Feel the relief of not having to deal with the whole candy scene! Then dream about the finish line: You, radiant and smiling on November 1st (and January 2nd), having successfully resisted the entire holiday candy scene. Success! You will get there by visualizing each step in the process.

Non-Food Halloween Treats that will Impress!

It’s easier than ever. Stores are jumping on the bandwagon and have pre-packaged non-food items available. Purchasing them means you won’t be tempted…and leftovers can be saved for next year. Or get creative and travel down the craft aisle, the toy aisle, or the school supply aisle. Discover the numerous fun items and fill your treat bowl to the top. Make it a fun challenge!

Get my full list of 23 Fun Halloween Treat Alternatives

Keep kids healthy, avoid allergy issues, and keep the temptation out of the house!

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Don’t Freak Out

Halloween doesn’t have to freak you out. You can avoid the temptations that sabotage your health—and the health of the kids you care about. You can join the Teal Pumpkin movement and proudly display your teal pumpkin. You can dole out fabulous non-food treats that make you the rock star of the neighborhood. You can be the change you want to see for yourself and others.