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I’m on a mission to educate and inspire clinicians, educators, insurers, and policy-makers about the complexities of obesity through speaking, writing, and advocacy.

As a leader in the field of obesity medicine, I understand how important it is that clinicians recognize that obesity is a serious chronic health condition that requires evidence-based treatment. My experience and specialized training give me unique insight into this complex health condition. I stay current with the latest science and treatment strategies, which I am eager to share with my fellow clinicians.

Far too often, people with a higher body weight don’t receive the care they need because their clinicians—through no fault of their own—haven’t been taught to recognize and treat weight issues with knowledge and compassion. As a result, many don’t receive the evidence-based treatment they need and deserve. Worse yet, many experience bias and stigmatization, which has a further negative effect on their physical and mental health.

That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to educating clinicians about the most common chronic condition that they will encounter in their clinical practices. I help them shed their pre-conceived and culturally inflicted beliefs about obesity and replace them with those that are grounded in science. I want to stamp out the misinformation and myths that surround obesity and weight management.

I want to be a voice that makes a difference.

Speaking at conferences, workshops, courses, and webinars brings me face to face with clinicians who are passionate about learning how to treat obesity. They know that they have much to learn and recognize how important it is that they get started. 

It is a joy to provide them with the science and tools they need and then watch them take off. Many stay in touch with me, sharing their successes and challenges. Some have become leaders in the field and are teaching other clinicians about the science of obesity treatment.

Their enthusiasm brings me hope! And it inspires me to continue to speak, write, and advocate.


I am passionate about educating clinicians about the evidence-based treatment of obesity and am a speaker at national, state, and local conferences and webinars. I am a frequent presenter for the following organizations:

  • Obesity Medicine Association
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants

Links to recent video interviews and podcasts

Understanding Obesity Related Bias and Stigma
January 6, 2021, Video presentation, 34min.

Weight Bias in Health Care: What Needs to be Done?
July 7, 2021, Published by Patient Care, 24min.
Listen in here »

Starting a Dialogue about Obesity in Primary Care: Respect is Key
April 22, 2021, Published by Patient Care, 8min.
View the video here »

Losing the Stigma: How to Talk About Obesity
Interview with Sandra Christensen and physician assistant Karlijn Burridge
Published by NP Pulse: The Voice of the Nurse Practitioner (AANP), 45min.
Listen in here »

PCOS & Obesity
Published by Obesity Medicine Association, 15min
Listen in here »


Writing is another avenue through which I teach clinicians about obesity and how to address it with their patients in an informed, respectful manner. In addition to writing a book, I have authored several professional articles, including peer-reviewed articles, and am a contributing author of the OMA Obesity Algorithm.

A Clinician’s Guide to Discussing Obesity with Patients, published in April 2021 by Springer Nature

This book educates clinicians about how to discuss weight and obesity with knowledge and compassion. It provides them with evidence-based knowledge, as well as practical step-by-step guidance for initiating respectful, productive conversations about weight and health. Most healthcare providers did not learn about obesity or how to talk about it in their clinical education programs and either avoid the topic or unknowingly provide incorrect information. My hope is that this book will inspire them to learn more about obesity and that it will provide them with the tools they need to lead their patients to better health.


Obesity Medicine Association Obesity Algorithm

Since 2019 I have been a contributing author of the OMA Obesity Algorithm, which is updated annually. This publication is a comprehensive evidence-based educational tool that translates the current obesity science and clinical expertise of obesity specialists with the goal of facilitating and improving the clinical management of patients with pre-obesity and obesity.

Recognizing Obesity as a Disease


Peer reviewed article published in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, July 2020

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One of the most important things she has helped me with is breaking through all the shame and self-criticism I’ve carried about weight for years. Her helping me see weight management as a legitimate medical issue, rather than a failure of self-control, has been a true breakthrough for me.

To my utter amazement, I’ve been able to stay true to a low-carb diet for over two years without relapse. I’ve lost over 90 pounds and am still going! I have recommended her to others.

- P.B.

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