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Are you a busy primary care provider who deals with the problems created by excess weight, yet you don’t have the time or training to effectively counsel your patients on weight loss?

Or are you a specialist who treats chronic conditions like diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, or osteoarthritis that would improve if your patients lost weight, but they can’t seem to do so?

Or perhaps you are a psychotherapist who has clients who are concerned about their weight, but it is beyond your expertise to provide eating and exercise recommendations.

Do you feel at a loss when patients say, “I know I need to lose weight, but nothing I do seems to work.”

Do you lack referral sources when asked about effective medical weight loss services?

You are not alone.

This page is designed to help you understand obesity medicine, provide you with resources, and show you how you can work with an obesity medicine specialist.

What are Obesity Medicine Specialists?

Obesity medicine specialists have completed specialized training and have advanced knowledge about the medical management of obesity and its associated conditions. They use a comprehensive treatment approach that includes dietary guidance, exercise prescriptions, behavior modification, and, when appropriate, anti-obesity medications.

I have specialized in obesity treatment since 2005 and have a Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine from the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). Through my affiliation with OMA I receive the finest clinical education in obesity medicine from the top national and international obesity experts.

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The Complexity of Obesity

Obesity is a chronic, progressive, relapsing disease that affects many areas of a person’s life and health. There are 236 known adiposity-related complications and 40% of all cancers are associated with obesity. As such, it requires specialized treatment that addresses all of the inter-related physical and psychological complexities. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone receives a thorough evaluation and an individualized treatment plan, as well as ongoing support to make their healthy lifestyle changes and health improvements permanent.

Patient Referrals - Our Professional Partnership

Join the many medical and mental health clinicians who have referred their patients for specialized obesity treatment and have seen them lose weight and improve their health.

I will collaborate with you to provide the best care possible for our patients. As a partnering clinician you will receive:

  • Respect and support for your role on the healthcare team
  • A copy of my written assessment and treatment plan
  • Regular summary reports of your patient’s progress, including labs
  • An invitation to call or email me any time with questions or requests

“When I hear people express their frustration about how nothing works, they’ve tried everything, I always bring up the things Sandra has taught me and let them know the valuable resource she has been to me.

I consider myself extremely lucky that my primary doctor had Sandra in her referrals. My life has completely changed since meeting Sandra. I am very grateful to have been given that connection.

– L.R.

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Obesity Medicine Resources for Clinicians

If you are interested in learning more about obesity medicine, please consult the following educational resources.

The Obesity Medicine Association Obesity Algorithm 

This comprehensive evidence-based educational tool is updated annually. It translates the current obesity science and clinical expertise of obesity specialists with the goal of facilitating and improving the clinical management of patients with pre-obesity and obesity. 

The Obesity Medicine Association Learning Academy

This online resource provides on-demand obesity education to clinicians who are interested in learning more about obesity treatment to those who are seasoned obesity specialists. Courses are available on all topics related to obesity, including an ABOM Review Course for physicians who are preparing for the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam, and nurse practitioners and physician assistants who want to earn the Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine.

Obesity Medicine Association Conferences and Webinars

OMA holds in person and virtual biannual conferences in the spring and fall, as well as two monthly webinars. Industry-leading experts provide the latest science on evidence-based obesity treatment for all levels of expertise, from those who are new to obesity treatment to seasoned experts.  

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

AANP provides obesity education at annual conferences, as well as in their CE Center. They offer a multi-module Obesity Management Fundamentals course at no cost. Those who complete the entire course of 15.75 contact hours earn the Intermediate Certificate of Obesity Management Fundamentals.

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“Sandra is a top-notch collaborative colleague. Her evaluations and treatment plans are extremely thorough and clear. Her recommendations are practical and effectively tailored to individual clients. Clients have told me how much they value her expertise as well as her warmth and personal connection. She is a great communicator and makes it easy to coordinate our work with mutual clients.”

– B.E., PhD, Clinical Psychologist

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A Clinician’s Guide to Discussing Obesity with Patients

My book addresses the numerous barriers that clinicians encounter when they contemplate or attempt conversations about weight.

Drawn from my years of experience in obesity medicine, it provides strategies to reduce and overcome these barriers.

It guides the reader step-by-step through the concepts and skills needed to have conversations that lead to improved health.

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