The holidays are coming, filled with gatherings, joy, laughter… and temptations.  It can be a struggle to keep the healthy eating habits you have worked so hard to develop.

You may be asking yourself:

  • Will there be anything I can eat there?
  • Will I re-gain some of the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose?
  • Will I offend the hosts if I say something about my needs?

We all think it. We all worry about being a burden. But you don’t have to. I’m going to share some valuable tips with you to make your gatherings a joy instead of a worry!

Start With the Basics

Ask yourself, “Do I even want to attend this event?”

The first step to staying on track is listening to your own intuition. Don’t compromise your health just because it is the holidays.

Only attend the events you know you will enjoy. The worse you feel, the more likely you are to give into temptation. If you already feel pressured to go when you don’t want to be there, it will affect your willpower and your self-image, leading to potentially dangerous temptations.

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Now, How to Talk to the Host

So you have a social gathering you want to attend. You’ll have friends or family there, people who would support you. But you worry about talking to the host or hostess.

That feeling is perfectly normal.

But you don’t have to worry, just talk to them. Let them know about all the positive changes you are making in your life, and how they are affecting you. Share how much these changes have impacted your life and mean to you. Share the struggles you have started to overcome with your new healthy habits.

Trust me, when they see the positive effects your healthy habits are having, they’ll want to support you any way they can.

So go ahead and transition into talking about the food. Let them know that you want to keep on track and would even offer to bring some healthy options yourself. You’ll probably be surprised how supportive they will be.

If you are bringing a healthy option or a backup snack, some easy healthy snack options for parties include:

  • High protein Greek yogurt savory dip (made with onion or vegetable soup mix or other herbs and spices) with veggies
  • High protein Greek yogurt dip with fruit
  • A cheese and fruit plate
  • A deli meat and veggie plate
  • A plate with shrimp and cocktail sauce with veggies

Check out the Feel Great, Healthy Travel Snack Kit for a great solution to always have healthy options at your fingertips. The key to staying on track is to never go hungry.

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Recruit a Friend to be Your Health Buddy at the Party

Planning ahead is the best option for the big day. Have a plan that you can use if you become tempted to make unhealthy choices, including leaving the event if the temptation becomes too strong.

A Health Buddy can help tremendously. Develop a strategy with your Health Buddy in advance. Back one other up and be ready to support the other if any triggers start to show up, like feeling:

  • Anxious
  • Nervous
  • Depressed
  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Or Tired

You will be each other’s wingman, providing the confidence and emotional support you need to make healthy choices. The extra numbers will help you feel comfortable asking for healthy options or turning down tempting offers.

It won’t be just you.

You and your Health Buddy are perfect partners for mid party breaks such as taking a walk or getting some air. A break can do wonders, and moving around is great for your health and a refreshing way to clear your head. If you or your Health Buddy start to feel any of the triggers, or just feel cloudy, grab your Health Buddy and get some air immediately.

You might want to bring something to occupy your hands – a great distraction for avoiding temptation! Try bringing some knitting or other activities you can do anywhere that keeps your hands busy. If your Health Buddy shares your activity, that’s even better.

Do you feel nervous bringing the idea up to your potential Health Buddy? Then think of someone you feel very comfortable with, who has similar goals, or both. You’ll find a great ally who would welcome the opportunity!

Here’s an idea – share this post with potential Health Buddies in your life and see what they think! You’ll get a feel for their response organically, and a conversation can start.

Preventative Actions to Slay Temptation

I have a few last tips for you. They seem simple, and are simple, but doing these simple tasks can work wonders.

Just before your event, try some of these tips to help you keep on track!

  • Don’t arrive early or stay late if that could lead to off-plan eating, hunger, or more temptations
  • Have a high protein snack before arriving
  • If you don’t plan to eat at the party, brush your teeth before you arrive for a little psychological boost.
  • Sip on Perrier water with lime.

Now that you have the tools to eat socially without worry, get out and enjoy yourself. Develop those relationships and bonds. The good ones have a tremendous impact on your life and your health.

Remember, it’s not all about the food. It’s also the love, support, and confidence you cultivate in your life that will keep you feeling great and making healthy choices.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.

Or if you won’t be, then go out and make some new ones!

Be thankful for the healthy choices you make and the progress you’ve made. And share it with those around you. The support will only grow around you.

And please share this guide with others who could benefit. In fact, share it with your potential Health Buddies today!