Shame about weight is more common than you might realize.

It will often remain unspoken, even to a trusted therapist. And you may feel uncomfortable bringing it up, or simply not know how.

The Food for Thought workshop is designed to address the struggle that you and your clients have around weight issues, with an emphasis on shame’s critical role.

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Let me ask you...

Have you ever feared inadvertently shaming your overweight client, so you danced around the topic?

Have you ever felt helpless about where to start or how to help?

You’ve probably experienced how shame about weight can immobilize people in many areas of their lives. As therapists, we are often invited into our client’s weight struggle either verbally or intuitively.

Fearing judgment, insensitivity, or further shame, many clients will not broach this topic at all.

Yet, we can feel un-equipped to help our clients pull away from the sticky fingers of weight-related shame.

We may even secretly believe it is their fault, that it shouldn’t be this hard. But the reality is so much more complex.

Most therapists were not trained in the complexity of weight issues. You may not have learned how to sensitively manage the shame and resistance that accompany them.

Food for Thought workshop for therapists

When working with clients struggling with weight-related shame, have you ever found yourself thinking…


“I struggle with my own weight issues and feel like an imposter giving advice.”

“I’ve never struggled with my own weight, so what credibility do I have to provide feedback.”

“I get caught in wanting to “fix” the problem and offer the latest diet or exercise program as a solution."

“I can’t seem to bring up the issue at all, even when I know that I should."


These are easy traps to fall into.

That can change.

We will address these sensitive issues head on.

We will give you the tools to confidently address them with your clients. Together, we’ll help you feel comfortable helping your clients who struggle with shame about weight. And we’ll give you the knowledge and insight to bring real change to their lives.

Join us in creating a community of therapists who are informed and sensitive to the weight-related shame that so many of our clients carry.

In a close, interactive, salon format, we will collectively explore this provocative topic. You’ll come away with knowledge and expertise that you can apply to your clients right away.

Be on the ground floor of a community of therapists who are skilled and trained in how to deal with weight-related shame.

Each participant will receive a pre-workshop call from one of the presenters to determine any particular needs that she/he wants addressed. The presentation will be tailored to the specific needs of those in the workshop.

CEUs for 6.0 credit hours provided by WSSCSW

Location: Best Western Plus Executive Inn
200 Taylor Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
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Registration Fee: $229
($199 for Alliance members)

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Together we will:

  • Bust the widespread myths that hold you back from giving the best care to your overweight clients.
  • Learn about the metabolic & psychologic complexities of excess weight, and the advances in medical weight management.
  • Recognize & explore our own weight-related shame triggers.
  • Practice self-compassion—the antidote to shame — with ourselves and develop strategies to use it with our clients.
  • Apply the concepts of shame resiliency as developed by Brené Brown, Ph.D. to our own shame and subsequently to our clients.

What others are saying...

"Sandra's class explained clearly the complexities of the multiple issues faced by people who have issues with food.

I appreciated the recognition of the issues of shame, relationships with food and family, information about how some foods react in the brain like an addictive drug, as well as body, cultural, and metabolic issues. They are all important parts of exploring this sensitive issue with clients. And how important it is for us, as therapists, to explore them with ourselves."

“This class increased my knowledge and understanding of the complexity, depth, and beauty surrounding issues of food and weight. I think this class has given me the ability to see people struggling with weight issues with increased awareness and compassion."

“As I walked away from class last week, I felt gratitude for you both and your interest and commitment in making this experience possible. This class has been transformative - both personally and professionally. Thank you and bless you."
- Ellen

“The community of explorers that you provided during this class helped to open deep and unsettled feelings in a safe setup."
- Marcia

“I joined this class to be better informed on obesity issues and to learn how the role of physiology contributes to obesity as a chronic disease, not because of personal weakness."

“I’m sad this course is ending. I wish it could go another 3 sessions! Thank you very much Sam and Cynthia. I love this course!"

“I felt that it was all integral and valuable. I learned more about  the physiologic impact of obesity. Understanding the physiology more helped me to gain greater knowledge and understanding (and therefore greater compassion). I love the integration of emotional, physiologic, and then some case consult."

“[The most important takeaway was...] Taking into consideration my own triggers, recognizing and exploring them, and being able to be with clients who are overweight in a witnessing, curious, and compassionate way (all made possible by this class)."
- Emily Preston

Learn About Your Presenters:

Sandra Christensen, MSN, ARNP

As a nationally recognized weight management specialist, I dedicate myself to educating others about the complexities of weight issues. Through private practice, speaking, writing, and advocacy, I empower patients and health care providers to address weight issues with knowledge and compassion.

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Cynthia Benge, MSW, LMHC

As a veteran therapist with over 25 years experience, I am committed to helping clients free themselves from the paralyzing affects of shame and the limiting beliefs that hold them back. A professional communicator with a genuine warmth and ability to make authentic connections, I create a safe container for people to be vulnerable enough to explore their own truths. Whether in the therapy office, a workshop setting or a professional training, I bring a whole-hearted focus to developing emotional intelligence and resilience.

Cynthia Benge Therapy »

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