The first ever National Obesity Care Week launches today—November 1st, and continues through November 7th. 

This week-long campaign is designed to raise awareness and advocate for those affected by obesity.  It is the beginning of a much-needed national conversation about a complex health condition that affects over 105 million Americans.

Over 35 collaborating organizations have signed on as supporters.

The National Obesity Care Week Mission:

Ignite a national movement with a united focus to ensure anyone affected by the disease of obesity receives respectful and comprehensive care.


In its inaugural year, the campaign is targeting healthcare professionals.   It advocates for change in the way medical professionals care for those with obesity.

I couldn’t be happier to hear it!

As you know, it is my mission to raise awareness about obesity among medical professionals and across the country.

National Obesity Care Week provides clinicians with effective, science-based, compassion-based tools and resources that will help them actively engage with their patients living with obesity.

You can support it too by spreading the word about the campaign.

If you are a medical professional, you can take the pledge by clicking here »

And you can access professional resources here »

You can follow Obesity Care Week on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The stigma and obesity bias are harmful to the health and well-being of all those affected.  National Obesity Care Week hopes to change that.

But that’s not all I have to announce…

It was a beautiful day…for the OMA.

On October 2, 2015, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians became the Obesity Medicine Association—the OMA.  As clinical leaders in obesity medicine, our 65 year old organization needed to shed its outdated name and tell the world who we are.

At our fall conference in Washington DC, we stood together and unveiled our new identity.

As you will see in this (very) short video we are:

  • Progressive
  • Professional
  • Collaborative & Accessible
  • Hopeful & Energized

But it wasn’t just a beautiful day for the OMA, it was a beautiful day for those affected by obesity.

Our new name makes it easier for people to find clinicians with specialized knowledge and a respectful approach.

It attracts medical professionals who want clinical education and support.

It makes comprehensive, science-based care more accessible.

It expands OMA’s influence locally, nationally, and across the world.

It opens the door to health and possibility for the millions who are affected by obesity.