For Medical Professionals

You can partner with a medical weight loss expert to help your patients lose weight and improve their health.

Are you a busy primary care provider who deals with the problems created by excess weight, yet you don’t have the time or training to effectively counsel your patients on weight loss?

Or are you a specialist who treats chronic conditions like diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, or osteoarthritis that would improve if your patients lost weight, but they can’t seem to do so?

Or perhaps you are a psychotherapist who has clients who are concerned about their weight, but it is beyond your expertise to provide eating and exercise recommendations.

Do you feel at a loss when patients say, “I know I need to lose weight, but nothing I do seems to work.”

Do you lack referral sources when asked about effective medical weight loss services?

You are not alone.

Working Together to Help Your Patient

Most medical practitioners express frustration at their lack of time and training in the management of obesity and don’t know where to refer their patients for specialized weight loss treatment.

Many medical professionals think that weight loss surgery is the only option and don’t realize that obesity can be effectively treated non-surgically.

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What are Obesity Medicine Specialists?

Obesity medicine specialists have completed specialized training and have advanced knowledge about the medical management of obesity and its associated conditions. They use a comprehensive treatment approach that includes dietary guidance, exercise prescriptions, behavior modification, and, when appropriate, medications.

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I have specialized in medical weight loss since 2005 and have a Certificate of Advanced Training in Obesity Medicine from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). Through my affiliation with ASBP I receive the finest clinical education in obesity medicine by the top national and international obesity experts.

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The Unexpected Complexity of Obesity

Obesity is a neuro-hormonal, metabolic, pro-inflammatory disease that is progressive in nature and affects many areas of a person’s life and health. As such, it requires specialized treatment that addresses all of the inter-related physical and psychological complexities. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone receives a thorough evaluation and an individualized treatment plan, as well as ongoing support to make their healthy lifestyle changes and health improvements permanent.

Our Professional Partnership

Join the many medical and mental health professionals who have referred their patients for specialized obesity treatment and have watched them lose weight and improve their health.

I will collaborate with you to provide the best care possible for our patients. As a partnering medical professional you will receive:

  • Respect and support for your role on the healthcare team
  • A copy of my written assessment and treatment plan
  • Regular summary reports of your patient’s progress, including labs
  • An invitation to call or email me any time with questions or requests

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Upcoming Engagements:
  • American Association of Physicians Assistants National Conference, May 18-22, 2019, Denver, CO
    How to Talk to Patients About Weight, co-presenting with Amy Ingersoll, PA-C
    The Art & Science of Prescribing Anti-Obesity Medications, co-presenting with Amy Ingersoll, PA-C
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners National Conference, June 18-23, Indianapolis, IN
    How to Talk to Patients About Weight
    The Art & Science of Prescribing Anti-Obesity Medications
  • Alaska Nurse Practitioner Conference, Anchorage, Alaska, September 19-21
    How to Talk to Patients About Weight
    The Art & Science of Prescribing Anti-Obesity Medications
  • Association for Counseling Education & Supervision 2019 Conference,Seattle, WA, October 10-13
    Co-presenting with Katie Christensen, MA, LPCA, NCC
    Recognizing & Reducing Weight Bias in Counselor Education & Supervision
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