Food for Thought – Revealing the Shame and Weight Connection

What do food, weight, and shame have in common?  Well, more than enough to keep us talking for ninety minutes.  And then some.

In most circles, the mere mention of the word shame can stop a conversation dead in its tracks.  But when you’re hanging out with psychotherapists, it’s an entirely different story…

On the sunny Saturday of April 12th, I co-presented a workshop with Brook Damour—Food For Thought: An Exploration of Weight, Shame, and the Unconscious.   

As part of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study’s annual conference, Forum 2014, our presentation was designed to expand the conversation about food, weight, and shame.

I imagine that at this point you are wondering:

“What ever possessed her to spend a beautiful spring Saturday inside a conference center talking about shame when she could have been out in her garden or playing in the sunshine with her grandkids?”

Well, let me tell you.Discover More

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